3/1/2016 - It is with much sadness that we at Harbin Farms will not be opening for the 2016 season and is now officially closed.  As most of you know we have gone through many struggles just to keep the business open and operating while we have fought to stay within compliance of Howard County regulations. We would have to develop the site this year and estimates for the construction 'are beyond our financial capabilities. After much debate, we have decided that closing the business is the best decision for the future of our family.

With that being said and without boring you with all of the details, we would like for each and every one of you to know that we have been honored serving this County for many, many years. It has been such a rewarding job to wake up to each day. We wouldn't have been more fulfilled doing anything else. We have met and made relationships with so many wonderful people and that will be missed the most. We have struggled with this decision because we will miss everyone so much. Words can't express the joy of bringing fresh veggies, flowers, pumpkins, and Christmas trees to the community. We will miss the beautiful colors and smells that greeted us each day and the friendly conversations with our customers and friends. We have been so blessed to be part of your lives for so long, but now it is time for us to take a different path. We are not sure what that is yet, but we will figure it out.

I, Kim Taylor (owner), would personally like to say that this has been the hardest decision that I have ever had to make. I will never forget the blessing that I was given to run Harbin Farms. I can truly say that I was fortunate to have a job that made me so happy. I was angry at first when we started talking about closing, but then started to remember all of the good things like every teenager that we were able to employ and them becoming like family, all of the fun and laughter with employees and customers, the ability to give my uncle the opportunity to work at something he loved in to his elder years .... the list goes on and on. My sons (Joe and Brian) have given their lives to Harbin Farms as well. We have been blessed to work together as a family along with our girls (Katie and Maddie) and husband Mike, but with that being said we need time together with our family to move forward because as fun and rewarding as the stand has been it has been hard on our family working seven days a week nine to ten months of the year.

We would like to thank everyone ... our employees for being so dedicated, our family for being so understanding, and our customers who have been so loyal. All of us together were able to create a community farm market that was a great gathering place and hopefully moving forward this county will recognize the importance of having that.

Kim Taylor

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